Important Information - Please read

Under new consumer legislation we are now required to make a disclaimer as follows:

The information offered in these readings is believed to be for the greatest good of all involved, but must be used for entertainment purposes only. The accuracy of any readings or efficiency of any other service has not been experimentally/scientifically proven

Please note that the purchaser has free will as to how he/she uses any information offered in a reading, and must accept his/her personal responsibility. The 'Reader' cannot be held responsible for any use of the information offered, however used, and cannot be held liable for any consequential damages or losses

Readings can only be given to over 18's

The information contained within a reading should NOT be used as a replacement for any sort of professional advice including legal, financial, health, business, etc

Payment is for the time of the 'reader' and not for the results of the reading

This disclaimer forms part of a contract and purchasing a service confirms that the purchaser has read, understands, and accepts these terms and conditions



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